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My professional and academic experiences have equipped me with the skillset needed to confidently manage the operations of a non-profit organization.

Below are examples of my work in executive operations, teacher advocacy, and content creation.

Executive Operations

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In my role as Executive Operations Manager at Red Wine & Blue, I oversee project management, hiring, and all other operational functions on behalf of RWB's executive leadership team.

I report directly to the CEO and assist her on fundraising, strategic planning, and organizational management projects.

By ensuring that organizational needs are met, my work allows our team to inspire and train suburban women across America to take political action in their own communities.
One of my first projects after being hired on full time at RWB was to create a resource for our women to find book bans happening in their area. 

I developed an interactive map that was even featured on MSNBC.

Check it out for yourself by clicking around the map!

Teacher Advocacy

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I grew up spending my summers helping my mom in her kindergarten classroom, Room 114. I remember her staying late after school finishing up loose ends and spending every night literally burning the midnight oil until 1 or 2 a.m. 

28 years later, my mom still teaches in this classroom, and she pours just as much of her heart and soul into the students as she did on her first day of teaching.

My mom and other public school teachers like her are my inspiration for this work. Supporting them and the invaluable role that they fill is the reason I got into political work.
During my undergraduate studies, I had the incredible opportunity to interview Dr. Susan B. Neuman, a Bush-era U.S. Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education. 

My research considered the complexities of implementing USDOE policy and curriculum across state and local jurisdictions, with a particular examination of these challenges through a case study on the failed implementation of The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.
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I also conducted a policy briefing on the DC Public School's IMPACT evaluation system. I found that the program drove a wedge between teacher and administration relations, causing a lowered rate of teacher retention.

Content Creation

One of my passions is helping others express their political power through creative content. I've mastered many multimedia platforms over the last few years, and have built up a portfolio of numerous creative content pieces that I am proud to share.

In addition to my graphic design skillset, I have a knack for capturing moments that tell a powerful story of who we are as a people.
The photos used throughout this digital portfolio are examples of my creative skills.
Swipe below to see some of my absolute favorite photos taken on my Canon EOS 90D camera.

"Get Your Knee Off Our Necks"

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