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from my time as a candidate for student body president, a spokesperson for the GW Student Association, and a communications director for GW College Democrats.

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The GW Hatchet | Apr 6, 2020

Drew Amstutz said GW’s high costs nearly deterred him from returning to campus last fall. But Amstutz said working with administrators to resolve his own challenging financial aid issues pushed him to run for Student Association president so he can help others who are financially struggling. 

The GW Hatchet | Feb 27, 2020

Drew Amstutz, the SA’s vice president for public affairs, said he took more than one hundred photos of campus spaces, like non-functioning elevators in Madison Hall and non-ADA compliant bathrooms in Thurston Hall, to include in the report.

The GW Hatchet | Feb 18, 2020

Sophomore and SA Vice President for Public Affairs Drew Amstutz’s platform advocates for a one-on-one adviser system in the financial aid office and for officials to include student organization leaders in faculty hiring conversations.

George Washington Today | Nov 11, 2019

MJ Rodriguez sat down with Drew Amstutz, Student Association vice president for public affairs, to discuss living boldly at the fifth annual Diversity Summit.

The GW Hatchet | Oct 14, 2019

Drew Amstutz, the vice president of communications for GW College Democrats, said he is proud the University has taken a stand to call for the federal government to re-instate the DACA program. “By having the DACA program, it allows us to reach out into communities that might not feel that they have access to education,” he said. “Whenever we extend education to more students, the student body as a whole benefits.”

George Washington Today | Aug 26, 2019

Drew Amstutz, a sophomore studying political communications in the School of Media and Public Affairs, gave input during a focus group while administrators were still making final decisions. "It's great that the university is listening to the student voice and that, for something as important as financial aid, the university is willing to give students what they deserve, and that's the privacy that is necessary for discussing these intimate details,” Mr. Amstutz said.

The Associated Press | Mar 15, 2018

Standing on a raised platform in the Concordia Lutheran High School parking lot, senior Drew Amstutz on Wednesday morning looked down at hundreds of his peers, some of whom were teary-eyed, as they remembered the deadly school shooting that happened a month ago.

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The Journal Gazette | Mar 14, 2018

Amstutz was particularly sensitive to the Florida tragedy. A girl he will attend college with barricaded herself in a supply closet at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the shooting. "Her story could have been mine," he said. "Her story could have been yours."