as a student leader at GW...


I have found many ways to incorporate my communications work into my student advocacy. During my first two years on campus, I have
managed communications for the Student Association, GW College Democrats, and the Residence Hall Association –– all three of the largest student organizations at GW.

Holding these positions gave me more jurisdiction over campus
communications than any other student at the University. This opportunity allowed me to perfect my craft in the field and taught me new ways of reaching the higher education market. Newsletters, social media campaigns, and organization email management now come second nature to me.

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Through my role as VP of Communications for GW College Democrats, I was invited to a press-only speech during Sen. Sanders' 2020 Presidential race.

This work proved useful when running for GW student body president in the spring of 2020. Through a consistently branded social media campaign, I was able to earn the second highest number of votes at the end of a two month-long election period. The process taught me a lot about branding and has bolstered my interest in student advocacy.

Before GW, I attended Concordia Lutheran High School as the first openly gay scholar in the school's history. There I led movements and demonstrations against various injustices, including Black student harassment, racial profiling, gun violence, and LGBTQ discrimination. I used these opportunities to begin my work in the communications field.

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I organized a 500-person walkout in response to the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. My school's participation rate was 80 percent.

As a candidate for student body president, I was able to build close relationships with dozens of University officials and put my advocacy and PR skills to practice.

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